Friday, November 8, 2013


Solace RNovations, Inc. is very proud and excited to welcome you to our new website.
Although our existing customers will notice our vibrant new look instantly, we would like to stress that the changes to our Internet site are more than just cosmetic. Our aim with is to provide a single site from which you will be able to find the relevant information on all aspects of our company.

The new website is the final culmination of a brand revitalization effort which Solace RNovations, Inc. has been developing since last year. The brand makeover, with its distinct new style, has been designed to reflect the all-encompassing aspects of Remodeling Today for Your Tomorrow.

Solace RNovations, Inc.’s  mission is to bring a team of professional, competent and caring people whose knowledge and expertise come together to create and implement a variety of solutions that enable people of all ages and abilities to live in their homes comfortably throughout a lifetime.

With the Eye of the Carpenter and Heart of a Nurse we approach the client’s needs with the same in-depth thought and creativity, whether we are remodeling a kitchen for a young active family, a whole house for a retiring couple who want one floor living or a bathroom for someone who has a medical condition or experienced a life changing event.

With either minor updates to whole house/workspace remodels, we use a hands on approach to make the process comfortable as possible, enabling you to enjoy your home or workspace for as long as possible.

We invite you to Take a Look!